Tyler Mahoney holding a metal detector


Tyler Mahoney holding a metal detector

A fourth-generation gold miner, 24-year-old Tyler’s family have been mining in Australia for over a century. Her ability to navigate the country’s vast goldfields and read the ground will be instrumental in finding Parker a potential business opportunity. Tyler grew up in the infamous mining town of Kalgoorlie, working in her parent’s gold shop (buying and selling nuggets) and helping out on various family mine sites. This has equipped her with an ability to geographically pin point the origin of a nugget based on its geology, as well as seeing through the lies of shady miners and gold prospectors.

Tyler is equally at home in an excavator and resilient to the scorching heat and flies that plague the outback. She excels in all areas when it comes to mining in Australia. With a passion for the process and a fear of traditional mining skills dying over generations, Tyler has started her own Prospecting Club to educate, collaborate and inspire others. With a strong membership from across the country, this will provide critical access to a notoriously secretive network of miners.


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