5 Creepy Crawlers That Will Fuel Your Nightmares

By: Discovery

The unseen world can be a scary place. These microorganisms are sure to make your skin crawl.

5. Flatworms

A drop of water seems so simple. Unbeknownst to most, a drop of fresh water may contain large communities of complex and diverse organisms living in a microscopic world.

4. Aeolosoma

This 2-millimeter creature is an Aeolosoma. You can find these organisms in fresh-water, often living on and consuming decaying material.

3. Bloodworm

A carnivorous member of the Annelida phylum — they feed by extending a large proboscis, bearing four hollow jaws, and utilize venom to kill their prey.

2. Larvae

These larvae are devouring their fallen sibling. The two young larvae feel no shame in committing acts of cannibalism, as it is essential to their survival — gaining much-needed nutrients to grow and molt.

1. Red Mite

This nighttime assailant is a blood-feeding micro-predator — it goes by the name, Red Mite. Vampiric in nature, the mite pierces its victims’ outer layer and sucks their blood.

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Videos courtesy of: Martin Kaae Kristiansen

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