100 Days Wild Episodes

S1 E1 8/21/20

Entering Wild, Wild Country

Strangers journey to Alaska chasing dreams of an off-grid community.
S1 E2 8/28/20

Rogue Rage

The newly formed group desperately hunts for moose.
S1 E3 9/4/20

Under House Arrest

An explosive confrontation erupts after the band unites for the first time.
S1 E4 9/11/20

Zombie Fish Apocalypse

A bad fish haul threatens the food supply and Adam risks hypothermia.
S1 E5 9/18/20

Frozen Out

The group is far from ready as the bitter cold of winter approaches.
S1 E6 9/25/20

Hangry Days

Adam and Evan make a journey to basecamp and Oliver tries to survive solo.