Airplane Repo Episodes

S3 E1 7/15/15

Ken Gets Played

A debtor suddenly swipes a helicopter from Ken and Danny.
S3 E2 7/22/15

South of the Border

Kevin infiltrates a Mexican ranch to snatch a family's stolen plane.
S3 E3 7/29/15

Two If By Air, One If By Sea

A debtor comes out in full force after Ken and Danny seize his yacht.
S3 E4 8/5/15

Mid-Air Repo

Kevin and Heather pose as tourists in order to attempt a rare midair repo.
S3 E5 8/12/15

Saint Croix Swipe

Ken and Danny try to repo two planes from a much-feared criminal.
S3 E6 8/19/15

No Safe Harbor

Mike and his wife go undercover to repo a go-fast boat.

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