4 Seasons
S2 E26 3/19/12

Les Paul Guitar/Giant Bat

Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitar, a peculiar circular typewriter, and a skeleton from the largest bat in the world, complete with vampire-worthy fangs.


Episode   1

WWII Harley-Davidson

Episode   2

DeLorean and Speakeasy Piano

Episode   3

Awesome '80s

Episode   4

Jim Morrison, Cabbage Patch

Episode   5

65 Mustang and Lunch Boxes

Episode   6

Civil War Treasures and Camera

Episode   7

Elvis Cadillac, Edison Letters

Episode   8

Haunted Cabinet, Signal Cannon

Episode   9

Space Oddities

Episode   10

King, Bling, and Rodeo Ring

Episode   11

Moonshine Still, Civil War

Episode   12

Dino Poo and Ancient Head Pipe

Episode   13

Houdini Letter and Ping Pong

Episode   14

Fortune Teller, Baseball Cards

Episode   15

Cigar Boy Lighter and Einstein

Episode   16

Harley Servi-Car Trike

Episode   17

Seance Machine and Airstream

Episode   18

Torture, Trains and Tiny Sword

Episode   19

Blow Gun and Wooden Harley

Episode   20

Sports Cards, Botello Painting

Episode   21

Wacky Taxi, Oliver North Sword

Episode   22

Homemade Hot Rod, Zebra Drum

Episode   23

Wrestling Belt and Guardians

Episode   24

Letter and Marilyn Monroe Tape

Episode   25

Cy Young Baseball and 50s TV