3 Seasons

Baggage Battles Episodes

S3 E1 4/23/14

Steal Drum

In Nashville, the Martins win a Beatles drum and Mark scores a slam-dunk.
S3 E2 4/23/14

Monster Money

The buyers are hoping to win monster money at a Movie Monster Auction.
S3 E3 4/30/14

Intergalactic Bounty

Mark's off to the races and Billy meets with a Star Wars legend.
S3 E4 4/30/14

Big Boy Bucks

Big wins and bigger losses at a gambling and advertising auction in Vegas.
S3 E5 5/7/14

Safari Sale

In South Africa, the auction of a lifetime brings profit and heartbreak.
S3 E6 5/7/14

Inflated Egos

A fast food icon and a mysterious African bus enchant buyers in Georgia.