17 Seasons

Barnwood Builders Episodes

S17 E1

A Diamond in the Mud

The Barnwood Builders take on one of their toughest takedowns ever.
S17 E2

Put to the Test

Mark and the guys save a cabin picked by the youngest member of the crew.
S17 E3

Appalachian Ancestry

The guys travel to Berea, Kentucky to save a log cabin built in 1795.
S17 E4

Bricks and Beams

Mark and crew build a beautiful log cabin addition for an old brick home.
S17 E5

Big Time Timberframe

The Barnwood team takes on the biggest timber frame they’ve ever created.
S17 E6

Secrets From the Boneyard

The Barnwood Builders are at the Boneyard doing work most never get to see.