Bering Sea Gold Episodes

S16 E1 8/1/23


A young mining gangster challenges Mr. Gold's dominance.
S16 E2 8/8/23

Evolve or Die

Innovative mining strategies pay off for Chris and Shawn.
S16 E3 8/15/23

New Kid on the Ice Block

Chris McCully continues to pose a serious threat to Mr. Gold.
S16 E4 8/22/23

Ice Mission: Impossible

Shawn and Zeke each risk dangerous ice missions for big paystreaks.
S16 E5 8/29/23

A Nightmare on Nome Street

Danger and terror plague the hapless miners of Nome.
S16 E6 9/5/23

Crawl to Redemption

The Kellys unveil their secret gold mining weapon.

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