4 Seasons

Cash Cab Episodes

S13 E1 7/27/18

Shark Week Edition

It's Shark Week in the Cash Cab, and Ben tests riders' nautical knowledge.
S13 E2 8/3/18

All Hail the Cash Cab

Two coworkers learn the hard way that not even Siri can help them.
S13 E3 8/10/18

NYPD Blues

Four siblings impress Ben, and the Cash Cab has a run-in with the NYPD.
S13 E4 8/17/18

Curiosity Killed the Cab

Two brothers from New Jersey brush up on their German and French history.
S13 E5 8/24/18

Not In My Cab

A couple from Long Island looks to social media for help.
S13 E6 9/15/18

Man v. Cab

A contestant nearly breaks his nose in a moment of celebration.