1 Season

Clash of the Ozarks Episodes

S1 E1 2/25/14

Blood Land

Crowbar Russell may lose his farm and his moonshine stockpile is destroyed.
S1 E2 3/4/14

Gates of Hell

Crowbar Russell turns to The Baroness to help save his family's land.
S1 E3 3/11/14

War Bug

Kerry Wayne misses out on a lucrative deal when a rental goes up in flames.
S1 E4 3/18/14

Let the Devil In

Crowbar Russell discovers Kerry Wayne's reason for wanting his property.
S1 E5 3/25/14

New Alliances

Old alliances are dissolved and Kerry Wayne destroys Crowbar's corn crop.
S1 E6 4/1/14


The auction arrives and Crowbar Russell learns the fate of his homestead.