Cooper's Treasure Episodes

S2 E1 6/24/18

500-Million-Dollar List

Darrell and his crew make their first big discovery in the Bahamas.
S2 E2 6/29/18

Hunt for the Gold Table

Darrell reveals Cooper's file about a wreck connected to Sir Francis Drake.
S2 E3 7/6/18

Wreck in the Shallows

Darrell's team faces dangerous wind and waves as they approach a shipwreck.
S2 E4 7/13/18

Treasure and Tragedy

Darrell and the team discover the shipwreck tied to a 1700s-era lifeboat.
S2 E5 7/20/18

Dragon's Teeth

Darrell and his team try to locate an area identified as Dragon's Teeth.
S2 E6 8/3/18

Island of Fortune

Darrell discovers clues that lead him closer to a 500-year-old shipwreck.