1 Season

Deadliest Job Interview Episodes

S1 E1 1/29/16

Go Big or Go Home

A rookie caver leads an expedition, and a flyer takes a bush pilot test.
S1 E2 2/5/16

Dive On In

Divers attempt an underwater welding job, and a pilot tries canyon flying.
S1 E3 2/12/16


A diver loses control of his breathing. A pilot ends up in the hospital.
S1 E4 2/19/16

The Widowmaker

A rookie diver struggles, and a tree man drops a large eucalyptus tree.
S1 E5 3/11/16

In Too Deep

A tree man freezes, and an aspiring volcanologist scales an active volcano.
S1 E6 3/18/16

One Last Shot

A rookie wind tech attempts to scale a 120-foot wind turbine.