1 Season

Chrome Underground Episodes

S1 E1 5/23/14

Hit and Run

Antonio and Yusuf travel to Mexico City and meet a mercenary named Andrew.
S1 E2 5/30/14

Road Rage

The team gets lost in a risky favela when they travel to San Paulo, Brazil.
S1 E3 6/6/14

Race to the Port

Antonio and Yusuf race to a compound hidden in the jungles of Brazil.
S1 E4 6/13/14

Blind Sided

The team is in Mexico hunting for a rare rally car that has disappeared.
S1 E5 6/20/14

Piston Whipped

The crew questions the authenticity of a million-dollar car in Argentina.
S1 E6 6/27/14

Transmission Impossible

Andrew is sent on a convert mission by the seller of a car in Argentina.