1 Season

Destroyed in Seconds Episodes

S1 E5 9/18/08

Welding Plant Mayhem

A welding plant explodes turning hundreds of cannisters into projectiles.
S1 E20 2/2/09

F4 Tornado, Freeway Collapse

A passenger jet crashes into trees at an air show.
S1 E21

Chemical Fire, Rogue Balloon

A five-alarm fire breaks out at a chemical plant causing a huge explosion.
S1 E23 2/16/09

Police Chase a Semi

A deadly propane plant explosion damages 5,000 homes.
S1 E24 2/16/09

Drag Boat Destruction

A drag boat spins and rolls before breaking apart at 180 miles per hour.
S1 E27 3/2/09

Raging Bull, Rocket Crash

A violent storm wipes out a pier as workers flee.

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Raging Bull, Rocket Crash

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