Dino Hunters Episodes

S2 E1 7/30/21

Doubling Down on Dinos

Clayton risks it all for a raptor fossil and Mike preps a T-Rex skull.
S2 E2 8/6/21

Duckbill Buffet

Aaron, Jake and Tori find what they believe to be a bucket-list discovery.
S2 E3 8/13/21

Mammoth Mass Mortality

A 90 year-old fossil map leads to a Mammoth discovery in New Mexico.
S2 E4 8/20/21

This Thing is a Monster

In Wyoming, the Harris-Bolan crew uncover a monster Triceratops.
S2 E5 8/27/21

Monster Ceratopsian

The Harris-Bolan crew might have discovered a rare and valuable Ceratops.
S2 E6 9/9/21

Skull Shock

As winter nears, Clayton and Luke race to excavate two giant trike skulls.

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