Dual Survival Episodes

S9 E1 8/24/16

Battle of Brazil

E.J. and Jeff are stranded in the scorching-hot savanna of southern Brazil.
S9 E2 8/31/16

Forest From Hell

E.J. and Jeff brave venomous pit vipers and wild boar in South America.
S9 E3 9/14/16

Dying of Thirst

E.J. and Jeff brave the blazing high-desert heat of eastern Utah.
S9 E4 9/21/16

Gator Bait

E.J. and Jeff are surrounded by gators and snakes in a Louisiana swamp.
S9 E5 9/28/16


E.J. and Jeff are trapped in a pitch-black cavern surrounded by bears.
S9 E6 10/5/16

Tracking Lions

E.J. and Jeff are surrounded by lions on South Africa’s Wild Coast.

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