Edge of Alaska Episodes

S4 E1 10/8/17

Frost and Found

Jeremy looks for a bulldozer, and Mark shows his fiancee around McCarthy.
S4 E2 10/15/17

Crossing Thin Ice

Jeremy Keller crosses a frozen river in a bulldozer and runs into trouble.
S4 E3 10/22/17


The town of McCarthy recovers after being devastated by a windstorm.
S4 E4 10/29/17

Big Bad Wolf

A deadly wolf stalks Jenny Rosenbaum and her baby.
S4 E5 11/5/17

Deal with the Devil

To expand his farmstead, Jeremy Keller strikes a deal with his enemy.
S4 E6 11/12/17

Spring Fever

Jeremy learns shocking news as he finishes his barn in McCarthy, Alaska.