Expedition Unknown Episodes

S11 E1 5/24/23

Sunken Pyramids of The Nile

Josh braves the desert to dive the flooded pyramid tomb of a king.
S11 E2 5/31/23

Mystery of the Flooded Pyramid

The epic conclusion to Josh Gates' dive into a Kush king's flooded tomb.
S11 E3 6/7/23

Lost City of the Gospels

Josh searches for the city where Jesus performed many of his miracles.
S11 E4 6/14/23

Treasure of the Pirate King

Risking life and limb, Josh finds coins from an epic pirate treasure.
S11 E5 6/21/23

Great Lakes' Vanished Warships

Josh dives into Lake Superior to find sunken WW1 minesweepers.
S11 E6 6/28/23

Hunt for Spain's King Arthur

Deep in a Spanish cave, Josh examines 1,000-year-old human remains.

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