Expedition Unknown Episodes

S12 E1 11/15/23

Missing Heroes of WW2

Josh investigates America's daring response to Pearl Harbor.
S12 E2 11/22/23

Finding the Lost Pilots of WW2

Josh's deep dive into Operation Hailstone leads to a historic discovery.
S12 E3 11/29/23

Lost City of the White Jaguar

In narco-controlled jungles, Josh hunts a legendary Mayan stronghold.
S12 E4 12/6/23

Riches of Spain's Pirate King

Beneath an active volcano, Josh dives for an infamous pirate's treasure.
S12 E5 12/13/23

Chasing Bonnie and Clyde

Tracking the outlaw couple, Josh scours the site of a notorious shootout.
S12 E6 12/20/23

Sunken Treasure of the Bahamas

Josh helps recover the richest stash of lost treasure in the Americas.

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