Expedition Unknown Episodes

S9 E1 7/21/21

Dillinger's Lost Loot

Josh joins the hunt for John Dillinger's fortune that's never been found.
S9 E2 7/28/21

The Lost Avenger

Josh investigates a crew of WW2 Navy pilots lost in the Pacific.
S9 E3 8/4/21

Ransom in the Sky

Josh has new evidence to finally solve the mysterious case of DB Cooper.
S9 E4 8/11/21

The Quest for El Dorado

Josh treks into Colombia's deadly jungle to unravel the El Dorado myth.
S9 E5 8/18/21

Uncovering the Golden City

During the hunt for El Dorado, a raging river puts Josh and crew in danger.
S9 E6 8/25/21

America's Titanic

Josh dives in search of millions in lost coins sunk with America's Titanic.

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America's Titanic

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Ransom in the Sky

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Digging Into D-Day Part 1

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