Expedition Unknown Episodes

S10 E1 10/7/21

Buried Secrets of Hitler

Josh rushes to Poland to open a Nazi tunnel in a dormant volcano.
S10 E2 6/1/22

Buried Secrets of the Nazis

In a Nazi tunnel system, Josh searches for stolen art and treasure.
S10 E3 10/7/21

Outlaw Fortune

Josh Gates heads to the Wild West in search of the Dalton Gang's lost loot.
S10 E4 10/7/21

Lindbergh's Lost Rival

Josh goes on an international search for history's most famous lost plane.
S10 E5 6/22/22

Knights Templar Treasure Hunt

Josh ventures out to unearth the secret world of the Knights Templar.
S10 E6 10/7/21

The Bootlegger's Millions

Josh Gates hunts the lost fortune of infamous bootlegger Dutch Schultz.

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Buried Secrets of the Nazis