2 Seasons

Extinct or Alive Episodes

S2 E1 10/23/19

The Galapagos Giant

Forrest is in the Galapagos seeking The Fernandina Tortoise.
S2 E2 10/30/19

The Dracula Monkey of Borneo

Forrest is on the islands of Indonesia to find the Millers Grizzled Langur.
S2 E3 11/6/19

The Legendary Cape Lion

Forrest heads home to Zimbabwe to find the mysterious Cape Lion.
S2 E4 11/13/19

The Caribbean Monk Seal

Forest sets off on a shark-infested search for the Caribbean monk seal.
S2 E5 11/20/19

Madagascar Dwarf Hippo

Forrest treks to prove the Malagasy Dwarf Hippo still survives.
S2 E6 11/27/19

The Hidden Turtle of Vietnam

Forrest teams up with conservationists to save the largest turtle species.