2 Seasons

Extinct or Alive Episodes

S2 E1

The Galapagos Giant

Forrest is in the Galapagos seeking The Fernandina Tortoise.
S2 E2

The Dracula Monkey of Borneo

Forrest is on the islands of Indonesia to find the Millers Grizzled Langur.
S2 E3

The Legendary Cape Lion

Forrest heads home to Zimbabwe to find the mysterious Cape Lion.
S2 E4

The Caribbean Monk Seal

Forest sets off on a shark-infested search for the Caribbean monk seal.
S2 E5

Madagascar Dwarf Hippo

Forrest treks to prove the Malagasy Dwarf Hippo still survives.
S2 E6

The Hidden Turtle of Vietnam

Forrest teams up with conservationists to save the largest turtle species.