3 Seasons

FBI: Criminal Pursuit Episodes

S4 E1 10/3/14

The I-10 Predator

The FBI races to save a girl from a sexual sadist prowling Interstate 10.
S4 E2 10/10/13

Sex, Murder and Videotape

St. Louis police and FBI piece together the identity of a serial killer.
S4 E3 10/11/13

Lurking Menace

Detectives search for a girl who vanished from her bed.
S4 E4 10/15/13

The Black Widow

Chicago Police and FBI search for a lethal temptress.
S4 E5 10/8/14

Bound for Murder

The FBI and local police go on high alert searching out a serial predator.
S4 E6 4/1/14

You Belong to Me

A worldwide manhunt is underway after a Florida murderer goes abroad.