Finding Escobar's Millions Episodes

S2 E1 10/1/19

Bring In the DEA

Former DEA agents track down one of Pablo's top drug traffickers.
S2 E2 10/8/19

What's In the Box?

The team breaks open a mysterious concrete box and searches a safehouse.
S2 E3 10/18/19

Family Jewels

Jerry and Chris search a property for diamonds and jewels.
S2 E4 10/25/19

Pablo's Inner Circle

Ex-cartel members provide new info about secret hideouts in Colombia.
S2 E5 11/1/19

The Chemist

A former Escobar chemist knows where $30 million is buried.
S2 E6 11/8/19


An informant's erratic behavior forces the team to make a big decision.

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