4 Seasons
S2 E4 5/31/15

The Oracles of the Dead

The young women of the underworld known as the Oracles were consulted by ancient Greek society, and their visions helped shape the course of history. Jamie Theakston searches for the truth behind their extraordinary trances and apparent psychic powers.


Episode   1

Nazis and the Flying Saucer

Episode   2

Lost Treasure of the Templars

Episode   3

The Treasure of Solomon

Episode   4

Tesla's Secrets

Episode   5

The Lost Treasures of Petra

Episode   6

Secrets of the Last Supper

Episode   7

The Third Secret of Fatima

Episode   8

The Bloodline of Christ

Episode   9

The Mystery of the Giants

Episode   11

The Secrets of the Alchemists

Episode   12

Decoding the Illuminati