3 Seasons

Future Weapons Episodes

S3 E1 11/15/07


Mack travels around the world to explore the latest weapon technology.
S3 E2 11/29/07

Non-Lethal Special

Mack Machowicz explores the military's best science and technology.
S3 E3 12/6/07

Close Protection

Mack Machowicz explores the most top secret devices in the military today.
S3 E4 12/13/07


Mack Machowicz reveals weapons designed for the Israel Defense Forces.
S3 E5 12/20/07


Richard 'Mack' Machowicz uncovers the military's favorite weapons.
S3 E6 3/12/08

Future Warrior

Mack Machowicz travels to Ohio to test the latest weapons and technology.