1 Season

Game of Stones Episodes

S1 E1 3/1/14


Don Kogen and his team travel to Thailand and Cambodia.
S1 E2 3/8/14

Himalayan Motherlode

Don and his team go in search of Beryl and a Kashmir sapphire.
S1 E3 3/15/14

City of Emeralds

The crew heads to Brazil to find a 10-carat emerald for a client.
S1 E4 3/22/14

Million Dollar Gamble

Don and team head to Tanzania seeking a huge tanzanite stone.
S1 E5 3/29/14

Gypsy Mafia

Don and crew head to Romania to search for a million-dollar Zultanite gem.
S1 E6 4/4/14

Turkish Roulette

Don and the team travel to Izmir, Turkey, and the Taurus Mountains.