1 Season

Gear Dogs Episodes

S1 E1 9/4/17

Welcome to the Doghouse

Nate and his crew help a hobbyist restore and flip a 1967 Belvedere.
S1 E2 9/11/17

A Dog Flees

Two friends come to the Dog House to restore a classic 1970 Chevy C-10.
S1 E3 9/18/17

Old Dog, New Truck

Nate gets into a showdown over the fate of a 1948 GMC bread truck.
S1 E4 9/25/17

Every Dog Has His Honcho

Nate teams up with a longtime Dog House renter to tackle a Hemi swap.
S1 E5 10/2/17

Six-Figure Dog: Part 1

Nate must either find a new partner or risk the Dog House going belly-up.
S1 E6 10/8/17

Six Figure Dog: Part 2

Nate gambles on a six-figure sale for the community garage.