2 Seasons

Ghost Lab Episodes

S2 E1 10/19/10

Dead Will Rise Again

The team investigates the blood-stained battleground of Gettysburg, PA.
S2 E2 10/21/10

The Betrayal

The team investigates a former nursing home and 300-year-old military fort.
S2 E3 10/28/10

Lizzie Borden

The team investigates the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, MA.
S2 E4 11/20/10

Afterlife Sentence

The team investigates a prison in West Virginia and a residence in Ohio.
S2 E5 11/27/10

Theme Park of Death

The team visits an abandoned amusement park with a tragic, deadly past.
S2 E6 12/4/10

Eternal Home

The team investigates the Shanley Hotel and a coffee shop touched by death.