Gold Rush Episodes

S13 E1 9/30/22

A Seismic Shift

Parker bites off more than he can chew when he brokers a big deal.
S13 E2 10/1/22

Searching for Rick Ness

Parker gets devastating news and Rick Ness surfaces.
S13 E3 10/1/22

Golden Acres

Parker gambles on shutting down his operation to bank big gold.
S13 E4 10/21/22

Trench Warfare

Tony battles to save his cuts when snow melt swamps Paradise Hill.
S13 E5 10/28/22

Cheat Codes

Tony uses an excavator cheat code to bus through permafrost.
S13 E6 11/4/22

Fight Iron with Iron

Parker fights muddy ground as he opens his biggest cut of the season.

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