Gold Rush Episodes

S14 E1 9/29/23

The $160 Million Gamble

Parker debates going all-in on a claim that could pay out $160 million.
S14 E2 10/6/23

Call of the Indian River

Tony debates moving his entire family operation to the Indian River.
S14 E3 10/13/23

Hey Parker, It's Rick

Years of silence come to an end when Rick visits Parker for a favor.
S14 E4 10/20/23

Free Agent

Facing bankruptcy, Parker turns to an old honey hole for new gold.
S14 E5 10/27/23

Up in Smoke

Rick's vital water pump goes up in smoke, putting his season at risk.
S14 E6 11/3/23

Down, but Not Out

To save his comeback, Rick tries to make a season-saving deal with Tony.

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