1 Season

Hello World! Episodes

S1 E1 7/9/16

Usher Presents: Stronger

Adversity makes red foxes, sea turtles and other animals more resilient.
S1 E2 7/9/16

Don’t Mess With Mama

A mother’s love is so fierce, anyone who gets in her way had better beware.
S1 E3 7/16/16

Steven Tyler: Summer Wild

Prairie dogs, hawks and wild mustangs show how they spend their summers.
S1 E4 7/16/16

Ellie Goulding: Crazy Love

Some animals will go to extraordinary lengths to attract a mate.
S1 E5 7/23/16

Joan Jett: Bad Reputation

Joan Jett's hit sets the tone for the villains of the animal kingdom.
S1 E6 7/23/16

Dave Matthews: Save Me

Every animal needs water, yet each creature’s search for it is unique.