Homestead Rescue Season 2

Marty, Misty and Matt (left to right) stand in front of the newly built cabin.

Matt is up in a ladder.

Marty (L) and Matt (R) pull a boat up the bank.

Marty (L) and Jeff (R) are sawing a tree.

Kaylee works on a fence.

Jeremy (L) and Marty (R) collect water from a pipe over a stream.

Kaylee (L) pumps water for her mum Donna (R) while Matt (center) watches.

Donna tends to a goat.

Jerry Smith feeds pigs.

Matt drills metal cladding on the wall.

Dustin (R) mixes cement while Marty is watching.

Two excavators lift the barn.

Marty shoots nails into the roof with Casey and Albert. (left to right)

Marty, Kim and Casey lookout of their new window. (left to right)

Marty is in the excavator to lift up one side of the roof to put in place.

Excavator lifts a truck up whilst Matt shovels dirt off the back of it.

Marty is in an excavator clearing rubbish.

Ricky rests on a rock.

Anne rolls up a black rubber sheet.

Rachel marks a wooden board with Misty in the background.

Marty guides the excavator to set up wooden posts.

Misty, Matt and Kondash son dig the subterranean garden.

Marty (right) talks with Chris(left), the saw mill owner.

Matt, Marty and Misty (left to right)get ready to erect barn.

Misty measures a fence.

Marty and Alan talking front of an incomplete ark.

Matt turns on a sprinkler.

Marty is being interviewed at Oktoberfest.

Marty drives an excavator.

Marty is in an excavator, and Lou helps move rocks.

Russ is on a ladder, preparing to drill a post.

Misty checks the post with contractors.

Matt works with a chainsaw.

Misty puts up roof for greenhouse.

Marty prepare to cut a log in half with chainsaw.

Well drillers are operating the machine.

Marty talks to the well drillers.

Well drillers put a new pipe down the well to bring up water.

Matt(L) and Misty(R) talk on the snowmobile.

Marty(L) and Matt (R)g uide the excavator.

Misty talks to Gauge in front of snowmobile.

Marty watches the excavator lift a chair.

Two men hold bear skins.

Marty is on a snowmobile talking to Misty.

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