Homestead Rescue Episodes

S10 E1 2/28/23

Black Hills Hope

An inherited Wyoming homestead with a tragic legacy is dying of thirst.
S10 E2 3/7/23

Bus, Sweat and Tears

A family struggles for a foothold in Virginia's historic wilderness.
S10 E3 3/14/23

By a Landslide

Young, Idaho off-gridders face dead soil, grizzly bears and landslides.
S10 E4 3/21/23

Subarctic S.O.S.

A family's homesteading dream is freezing over in subarctic Alaska.
S10 E5 3/28/23

Rubble with a Cause

The clock runs out on Washington homesteaders when their cabin collapses.
S10 E6 4/4/23

Kentucky Calamity

A Kentucky homestead built in a ghost town drowns in historical floods.

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Rubble with a Cause

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