Homestead Rescue Episodes

S9 E1 10/17/21

Home Is Where the Yurt Is

The Raneys construct a massive yurt for a Tennessee family.
S9 E2 10/24/21

Green Mountain Gurus

The Raneys bring some homesteading mastery to a Vermont couple.
S9 E3 10/31/21

No Place Like Dome

The Raneys assist a struggling family in a cliffside geodesic dome home.
S9 E4 11/7/21

Marsh Madness

The Raneys face a swamp nightmare in Georgia.
S9 E5 11/21/21

All the Pretty Horses

The Raneys save a Texas family with dreams of a horse rescue.
S9 E6 11/28/21

Back in the Saddle

After a big setback in their Texas rescue, the Raneys face new challenges.

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