2 Seasons

It Takes a Thief Episodes

S2 E1 10/16/06

Thrashin' and Trashin'

Matt and Jon strike a chord with a family of musicians.
S2 E2 10/17/06

Station Break

Matt and Jon burglarize a small town's police station and city clerk.
S2 E3 10/18/06

Mayhem for the Moms

Matt and Jon prove that new parents are in need of a security makeover.
S2 E4 10/19/06

Skating Away With Goods

Two skate shop owners with a pathetic alarm system get a big surprise.
S2 E5 10/20/06

See No Evil

A man's vision loss makes home security upgrades a must.
S2 E6 10/23/06

Security Wild

Jon and Matt show a security wild homeowner how vulnerable he still is.