Josh Gates Tonight Episodes

S5 E1 5/17/22

Gates Goes Underground

Ant-Man's Evangeline Lily and Soprano's Joe Pantoliano join Josh.
S5 E2 5/31/22

The Great Gates Robbery

The Staircase's Parker Posey and Fantastic Beasts' Dan Fogler join Josh.
S5 E3 5/31/22

The Outlaw Joshy Gates

Josh swaps outlaw tales with Anso Mount, Troy Kotsur and Tom Blyth.
S5 E4 5/31/22

Gates On A Plane

Josh takes flight with Star Trek's LeVar Burton and Wings-man Steven Weber.
S5 E5 6/17/22

Behind Closed Gates

Josh infiltrates Secret Societies with Austin Butler and Mark Proksch.
S5 E6 6/17/22

The Gate-teenth Amendment

Josh laughs it up with Baz Luhrmann, Joe Mantegna and Danica Patrick.

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