Josh Gates Tonight Episodes

S4 E1 8/11/21

Gates to the Unknown

Josh searches for Lost Cities with Jurassic Park's BD Wong.
S4 E2 8/18/21

How I Met Your Josh

Josh laughs into the star-studded world of television sitcoms.
S4 E3 8/25/21

20,000 Gates Under the Sea

Josh explores underwater mysteries with Shawshank's Tim Robbins.
S4 E4 9/1/21

I Am (Urban) Legend

Josh goes all in on urban legends with JoBeth Williams and Kane Hodder.
S4 E5 9/8/21

Josh Mobs Up

Josh Gates hosts like a boss chatting with famous TV and movie mobsters.
S4 E6 9/16/21

Building a Better Gatestrap

Josh celebrates invention with guests from Empire, Star Trek and more.

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