2 Seasons

Jungle Gold Episodes

S2 E1 8/11/13

Deal With the Devil

Scott and George return to Ghana and attempt to save their mining deal.
S2 E2 8/18/13

Family Emergency

Scott and George have 48 hours to find gold before a deal is terminated.
S2 E3 8/25/13

Run and Gun

Scott and George face huge challenges on opposite sides of the world.
S2 E4 9/1/13

Bailed Out

Scott and George's partner plots to take a bigger chunk of their gold.
S2 E5 9/6/13

Jungle Gold: Wild Ride

The untold story is revealed by the crew, including hostile confrontations.
S2 E6 9/6/13

Run For the Border

An attack by armed militia forces Scott, George and the crew to evacuate.