1 Season

Kidnap and Rescue Episodes

S1 E1 1/29/11

Hostage Rescue Team

A security firm attempts to rescue a girl sold into sexual slavery.
S1 E2 2/5/11

Taxi Cab Killer

Brothers travel to Manila, Philippines, and one is kidnapped by a driver.
S1 E3 3/5/11

Proof of Life

An agriculture scientist is kidnapped by FARC while working in Colombia.
S1 E4 5/16/11

Taken By Surprise

An Arizona teenager is kidnapped while trying to sell his sister's car.
S1 E5 6/26/11

Cartel Vengeance

Authorities use unorthodox methods to bring an agent's killers to justice.
S1 E6 5/2/11

Portrait of an Operator

Michael Guidry shares stories of two cases to bring back the taken.