Kiwi Survival Episodes

S1 E1 8/28/20

Survival Kit

Josh and his mates prepare for a seven-day expedition in New Zealand.
S1 E2 8/28/20

Swamp Shelter

The boys construct a sleeping platform high above water during a rainstorm.
S1 E3 8/28/20

Fire Equals Food

The boys attempt to build a primitive fire with a handmade bow drill.
S1 E4 8/28/20

Eel Trap

Josh and his mates attempt to attract longfin eels with HuHu grubs.
S1 E5 8/28/20

Cave Torch

The guys attempt to explore damp, dark caves with primitive torches.
S1 E6 8/28/20

Possum Hunt

Josh and his mates attempt to capture and hunt possums.