1 Season

Last Outpost Episodes

S1 E1 4/17/18

Monster Tow Truck and Pod

Clint and Todd turn a military aircraft tug into a monster tow truck.
S1 E2 4/24/18

Wheelchair, Mobile Ice Shack

Clint and Todd make an off-road wheelchair and a mobile ice fishing shack.
S1 E3 5/1/18

All-Terrain Tracker

Clint and Todd transform a Geo Tracker into an all-season side-by-side.
S1 E4 5/8/18

School Bus Sawmill

Clint and Todd convert a school bus into a tricked-out mobile sawmill.
S1 E5 5/15/18

Airboat and ATV Gold Sluice

Clint and Todd jury-rig a conveyor system for an Alaskan gold miner.
S1 E6 5/22/18

8WD Rescue Vehicle

Clint and Todd make an amphibious rescue vehicle.