Legends of the Wild, Discovery's New Series Episodes

S1 E1 4/1/20

South American Slasher

The search is on for the killer of a number of Brazilian ranchers.
S1 E2 4/8/20

Blood Beach

Something has killed hundreds of Costa Rican turtles ... but what?
S1 E3 4/15/20

Fear in the Philippines

A vampire-like evil spirit is picking off villagers in the Philippines.
S1 E4 4/29/20

The Shadow Killer

A predator is feared to have returned to Australia looking for kangaroos.
S1 E5 5/6/20

Blood in the Water

Crocs are showing up dead in Australia but what could be responsible?
S1 E6 5/6/20

Executioner of the Andes

A murder spree leads some to suspect mythical activity in Ecuador.

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