6 Seasons

Maine Cabin Masters Episodes

S6 E1

Passion That's "In-Tents"

The team helps a family with a small cabin that can't house everyone.
S6 E2

Peace, Love and a Pine Tree

Chase saves a family's camp from a fallen tree and preserves its oddities.
S6 E3

The Old Fishing Camp

The Cabin Masters give a well-loved camp some much-needed TLC.
S6 E4

The Eyesore by the Shore

Chase's team saves a family's eyesore cabin from falling into the lake.
S6 E5

New Wife, New Cabin Life

The Cabin Masters expand a cabin for two newlyweds and an extended family.
S6 E6

A Very Scary Camp

The Cabin Masters renovate a horror author's favorite place to write.