2 Seasons

Man, Woman, Wild Episodes

S2 E1 9/2/11

Lost at Sea

The Hawkes find themselves broken down in the Bermuda Triangle.
S2 E2 9/9/11

Louisiana Firestorm

The Hawkes fight their way through a raging forest fire in Louisiana.
S2 E3 9/16/11

Amazon Jungle Maze

The Hawkes face a variety of dangers while stranded in the flooded Amazon.
S2 E4 9/23/11

Quicksand and Sinkholes

The Hawkes deal with quicksand on a deserted island in the Bahamas.
S2 E5 9/23/11

Volcanic Destruction

The Hawkes try to escape a volcano on the abandoned island of Montserrat.
S2 E6 9/30/11

Message in a Bottle

The Hawkes turn trash into treasure while shipwrecked on a deserted island.