1 Season

Mission Declassified Episodes

S1 E1 3/24/19

Escape from Alcatraz

Christof goes on a manhunt for three men who escaped Alcatraz in 1962.
S1 E2 3/24/19

The Hunt for D.B. Cooper

New leads may help Christof uncover the identity of D.B. Cooper.
S1 E3 4/5/19

The Lindbergh Kidnapping

New clues lead Christof to new suspects in the Lindbergh kidnapping case.
S1 E4 4/12/19

Boston's Unsolved Art Heist

Christof investigates one of the largest art heists in history.
S1 E5 4/19/19

Decoding America's UFO Secrets

Christof uncovers the truth behind secret government programs on UFOs.
S1 E6 4/28/19

The Axeman of New Orleans

Christof tries to unmask one of history's deadliest serial killers.