1 Season

Monsters Underground Episodes

S1 E1 10/10/14

Shadow Mine Subterralien

The team ventures into an abandoned mine to hunt a sophisticated creature.
S1 E2 10/17/14

Cross Creek Cavern Draco

The team hunts a vicious lizard/human hybrid in a river cave in California.
S1 E3 10/24/14

Apache Death Cave Aswang

The team travels to Two Guns, Arizona, in search of a vampiric creature.
S1 E4 10/31/14

Grand Canyon Caverns Rake

The team searches unexplored caves for a murderous creature.
S1 E5 9/4/14

Volcano Cavern Olitiau

The team hunts a giant, reptilian bat creature in Arizona caverns.
S1 E6 11/14/14

Graveyard Gulch Mapinguari

The team hunts a descendant of the giant sloth in California.