Mark and Digger stir their barrel of mash.


Mark and Digger stir their barrel of mash.

Get ready for Wednesdays packed with Moonshiners, Master Distiller and Smoke Ring

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It’s boom time for moonshine! New seasons of Moonshiners and Master Distiller, plus Moonshiners: Smoke Ring, are all coming October 27 on Discovery.

Following a challenging year of lockdowns, restrictions, and skyrocketing demand for liquor, the backwoods economy of moonshine is booming like it’s the roaring twenties all over again. Business has never been better and there’s never been a higher demand for booze, but boom time for moonshine comes with a lot more risk — and a lot more law enforcement.

If you love the sound of that, you’ll love these Wednesday nights: An all-new season of MOONSHINERS premieres October 27 at 8p on Discovery and streams on discovery+. That’s followed up by all-new episodes of the ultimate booze-making competition series, MASTER DISTILLER, at 9p on Discovery. Then, to perfectly round out the night, the high-stakes BBQ competition series, MOONSHINERS: SMOKE RING, airs at 10p on Discovery.

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That’s a whole lot of ‘shine. Let us break it all down for you:

MOONSHINERS, Season 11 - 8p

Tim, Tickle, Josh, Mark, Digger, and the rest of the gang are back in action, but so is law enforcement.

After their stash house was raided by police last winter, Mike Cockrell and Jerry Benson build the courage to return to the scene of the crime, but will they be ready to start a new backwoods operation across state lines? Mark and Digger also experience a police raid and are forced to flee to North Carolina. They’ll soon discover the challenges of making good Tennessee Whiskey in a different state.

Meanwhile, Tickle expands his partnership with Josh Owens, and outlaw ‘shiners Henry and Kenny Law to assemble a new mega still-site operation in Virginia. Plus, new Louisiana moonshiner, Richard Landry, discovers a hot New Orleans market for outlaw absinthe.

Richard Landry holds up a mason jar.


Richard Landry holds up a mason jar.


Let the battle of the booze begin! Moonshining legends Mark, Digger, Tim, and Tickle are back, along with expert guest judges, to determine who has what it takes to be named Master Distiller.

The best legal and outlaw ‘shiners from across the country are ready to compete. Each weekly episode features three competitors, three judges, and one winning spirit.

This season they’ll distill everything from applejack (the first American spirit) to medicinal liquor in the tradition of Jägermeister and Campari. They’ll also face off in challenges, such as Scotch vs. American vs. Japanese whiskey, as well as a lost family recipe showdown where they’ll bring their best backwoods family recipes to the competition.

Tickle listening to Tim give his evaluation to a competitor.


Tickle listening to Tim give his evaluation to a competitor.


Legendary Moonshiner Stephen Ray Tickle ventures into the deep South to reveal the best barbecue pitmasters in the country in this high-stakes BBQ showdown.

Every week will feature new pitmasters and new recipe challenges. Tickle will be joined by legends around the barbecue world, including Sam Jones, Ed, and Ryan Mitchell, Chris Lilly, Emily Hahn, and Carey Bringle aka Peg Leg Porker, to judge whose smoked meat reigns supreme. Who will walk away King or Queen of the Smoke Ring?

A competitor's pulled pork


A competitor's pulled pork

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