Steven and Carol Tickle share updates after being married for two years.

Mr. and Mrs. Tickle

Steven and Carol Tickle share updates after being married for two years.

Mr. and Mrs. Tickle’s Marriage Updates: ‘She completes me’

Former outlaw and Moonshiner, Steven Ray Tickle a.k.a Tickle, and his sweetheart, Carol Tickle, a bail bondswoman and realtor, share updates on their marriage.

February 14, 2022

Happily married couple Steven Ray Tickle and Carol Tickle shared updates on how they’ve been doing since their wedding about two years ago. From fun date nights to truly being in love, the interview was filled with lots of joy and laughter.

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Enjoy the full interview video, along with a condensed transcribed version below.

Moonshiners | Mr. and Mrs. Tickle's Marriage Update
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How long have you been married?

Tickle: We’ve been married for a little over two years

Carol: 103 years. (Laughs)

Tickle: I don't think it’s quite been 103 years. (Jokingly) It has felt like it some days.

What’s your favorite thing about being together?

Tickle: She’s got a whole lot of my favorite parts, which kinda attracted me to her.

Carol: When he goes to work (laughs), and I can get stuff done around the house. No, I love him. He’s my favorite part.

What’s a fun date night for you?

Carol: We pick out each other’s outfits, and whatever I pick out for him, he has to wear. Whatever he picks for me, I have to wear. … We do this, and we go out to eat in these outfits. It’s usually pretty great.

Tickle: We have a good time. We go to the same restaurant every time. … They always look forward to seeing us come, taking our pictures, seeing how dumb we’re dressed.

What’s your favorite thing about being Tickle’s wife?

Carol: My favorite thing is traveling with him. We’ve gone to a lot of places since we’ve gotten married.

What’s your favorite thing about being Carol’s husband?

Tickle: She completes me. For years, I struggled, I could never find my way. I was in and out of jail. I just couldn’t seem to act right. She gives me a reason to act right. Really a reason to stand up and be the man that I am today.

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