1 Season

Mummies Unwrapped Episodes

S1 E1 4/10/19

Mayan Mass Grave Mystery

Ramy discovers an attempt at biological warfare in an ancient Mayan city.
S1 E2 4/17/19

Mummy of Lincoln's Assassin

Ramy investigates the chance that a missing mummy could rewrite history.
S1 E3 4/24/19

The Cursed Mummy Tribe

Ramy Romany investigates mummies found deep in the jungle of Peru.
S1 E4 5/1/19

Stolen Fortune of Pirate Mummy

Ramy investigates a shipwreck and pirate mummy off the coast of Cape Cod.
S1 E5 5/8/19

Chasing the Mummy of Moses

Ramy tracks down clues that suggest Moses was actually a desecrated mummy.
S1 E6 5/15/19

The Trail of Murdered Mummies

Ramy examines 2,000-year-old, well-preserved bodies from marshy bogs.